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How to Make Your Door Lock More Secure

When securing a door, Deadbolts are the strongest method. However, they are not the only kind of door lock. Mechanical and electronic locks both offer different types of security and can be insecure. To make your door more secure, use strike plates instead of latches. Strike plates protect the latch from being forced open. Standard uPVC doors come with a strike plate. If you do not want to use a strike plate, opt for a deadbolt.

Deadbolts are the strongest method of securing a door

There are a lot of different types of deadbolts available today. The most common ones are Schlage, Kwikset, and Weiser. The latter two are a lot more expensive than the former, but their quality is undisputed. There are also plenty of options for DIYers, and you can get them from hardware stores. While deadbolts are very strong, they are not as easy to install as other methods.

Electronic locks are more secure than mechanical locks

When comparing mechanical and electronic locks, the former are easier to use and are multifunctional. They also provide additional security benefits, such as one-time passwords and wrong-try penalty. Mechanical locks have not kept up with the advances in security. For example, older electronic locks require an electric current to operate and can be triggered by cutting power to the mechanism. For this reason, electronic locks are a better choice in high-security properties.

Strike plates prevent the latch from being forced open

If your door doesn’t latch properly, you should consider changing the strike plate. You can adjust the strike plate by using a hammer or chisel. The plate should be lowered by about an eighth of an inch. However, this might not be enough to keep the door closed. If the plate is too low, adjust its lip with a metal file. Once you’ve adjusted the strike plate, you should check the door again.

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Standard for uPVC doors

BS3621 is the minimum security standard for uPVC doors, although there are different standards for wooden doors. You should look for a Kitemark displaying BS3621 on the face plate or front barrel of your door. If you’ve installed a lock below this standard, contact a locksmith Leeds. Your lock may not be as secure as it should be, which can invalidate your insurance policy.

Common types of door locks

There are two basic types of door locks: reversible and universal handing. Both of these lock types are useful for interior and exterior doors. Reversible handing door locks are generally installed on both sides of the door and work with the same key. Universal handing door locks are installed on both sides of the door. Several people like to use one key on all doors. Therefore, a key alike package is available, where the key for one door opens all the locks in the same house. You can also purchase keying kits and swap out pins, or purchase self-rekeying technology.

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