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Sat, January 31, 201521:00 hrs
Jeff Gardner Trio
Thu, February 5, 201518:00 hrs
1º show: Alma Thomas e Thiago Trajano
Thu, February 5, 201521:00 hrs
2º show: Luana Mallet - SemiAcústica


Welcome to TribOz-Rio. TribOz (The Brazilian-Australian Cultural Centre) is a private space dedicated to fostering cultural and artistic interchange and collaboration between Australian and Brazilian musicians as well as those from other global locations also interested in the performance of and research into Brazilian music in Brazil, Australia and elsewhere.

TribOz is also the first performance address in Lapa (Rio’s traditional bohemian district) dedicated to jazz with an emphasis on new and original creations.

In the short time since its inauguration (2008), TribOz has already established itself as a major reference for national and international level live jazz presentations. The Centre has co-coordinated performances and assisted in research (workshops, mentorships etc.,) by Australian artists such as Sir Don Burrows (saxophones/flutes/clarinets), Kevin Hunt (piano), Colin Philpot (trombone), Matt Keagan (tenor saxophone), Kym Ambrose (vibes/drums), Anje West (vocals/percussion, Jaider de Oliveria (guitar/vocals), Yemanjá (Queensland), Adam Jones (guitar/voice), Jacqueline Gawler (vocals), Mike Bukovsky (trumpet Australian National University), Jim Chapman (University of Newcastle), John McDermott (University of Adelaide), and many more. Local renowned Brazilian artists include pianists: João Carlos Assis Brazil, Marcos Ariel, Kiko Continentino, Hélio Celso, Alberto Farah, Tomás Improta, Marvio Ciribelli, Fernando Merlino, on drums; Carlos Bala, Rafael Barata Bahia, Kiko Freitas, Marcio Bahia, on bass; Paulo Russo, Sergio Brandão (bass), Toninho Horta (guitar and voice). International artists include American pianists Jeff Gardner, Cliff Korman, Jeff Kunkel, and Peter Rosendal (piano - Denmark), trumpeter Claudio Roditi, Jean Pierre Zanella (saxophones - Montreal, Canada), Michael Carney (vibes, steel drums – USA), guitarist/vocalist and dedicated 'Brazilianist', Hans Limburg (Germany), Cristina Renzetti (group Jacaré – Italy) and many more.

TribOz is located in Lapa, the traditional bohemian district in the downtown centre of Rio de Janeiro. Experimentation in contemporary music, an infinite world of improvisation, new jazz and bossa are only a few of the musical forms we find at TribOz. This is an innovative proposal embodied in what we call 'Novas Expressões Brasileiras' - 'New Brazilian Multi-Art Expressions'. This space is thus dedicated to the development and presentation not only of music, but also of innovative art manifestations from a broad range of disciplines as seen paintings by Rod Ramage. Ramage is an Australian-born artist with a national reputation for high quality and strikingly original contemporary art works. In 2008 he spent 3 months in Brazil’s Amazon completing his research and art works for his project, O projeto Amazônia - Dando uma Voz à Amazônia (for more information about Rod and the above project visit, in the paintings and ceramics of international 'carioca' artist, Denize Torbes (site), who enriches the TribOz cultural space with her highly alternative and provocative art, and 

Besides this new standard of innovative multi-art innovation, you will also find comfort and quality and service ‘with a smile’. TribOz has been ‘referred to by clients as ‘off-Lapa” for it’s unique Jazz and original music alternative to the samba and chorinho that have predominated in Lapa since the areas' return to prosperity as Rio’s officially recognized urban 'cultural centre'. TribOz thus offers the feeling and warmth of a private club of friends and acquaintances linked through an intense interest in good listening and artistic provocation. At the same time, TribOz provides an escape from the often-aggressive bustle and turmoil of main street Lapa. As one reporter for the Rio Newspaper O Globe suggested in an article about TribOz entitled ‘Where the Jazz Tribe Meet' (Rio Show, May 8, 2009), ‘TribOz gives the clients a sensation of being at a cool party in the house of a friend’. 

Come and feel the airs and mystery of 'old' Rio while enjoying multi-art innovations. Experiment with this unique and provocative sensory combination not found anywhere else in Rio de Janeiro – Jazz, bossa and Brazilian multi-art expressions 'hot out of the oven' in a space that is intimate and friendly - a unique experience.

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