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Is CafeMom Worth Your Time and Money?

As the name suggests, CafeMom is a website targeted towards moms. Its owners are Wild Sky Media, the same company that owns the popular Mom.com and MamásLatinas sites. The downside is that CafeMom is an ad-supported site, which lacks backup servers and offers little in the way of customer service. So, is it worth your time and money? Read on to find out!

CafeMom is an ad-supported site

The ad-supported model allows CafeMom to remain free of charge while still offering its users a variety of benefits, including customizable themes, ad placements, and the ability to customize content. In addition to the various customization features, users can also choose to display their personal information in a user profile or elect to receive free products from sponsors. The cafe also offers user-friendly privacy controls, so users can easily manage the amount of information they share with others.

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It targets moms

CafeMom is an online social network for moms. The site has over eight million unique visitors each month and about 140 million page views. Its target audience is mostly moms, and it is typically one of the most popular websites for moms. CafeMom makes money in three ways: by advertising on its site, by implementing expert content, and by hiring editorial staff. It has a unique audience profile and an excellent fit with Yahoo’s target demographic.

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It has little customer service

When it comes to customer service, CafeMom falls short. Although they have a website, they have little to no customer service. They won’t provide you with an email address for management, phone number, or mailing address. Unless you’re an active member, they’re unlikely to be able to address your concerns. This is particularly frustrating since you’ve probably been a member for years.

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It doesn’t enforce its rules

The CafeMom site was originally a great place for moms to meet and interact with one another. But it has morphed over the years into a cyberspace where harassment and cyber-bullying rule the day. Despite millions of members, CafeMom does not enforce its rules. As a result, the community is filled with trolls and abusers, and administrators do little to help. Please visit for more updates: Ifvod Tv

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