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Digitalization to Improve Education

What are the goals of Digitalization to Improve Education? The term digitalization has many overlapping meanings, but if schools are to be successful, they must first clarify what it means. While many educational stakeholders and researchers agree that schools must make use of digital technology to benefit students, educators, and society, they should also be clear about what digitalization means. And, they should be clear about the processes that go hand in hand with digitalization.

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In order to effectively use digital technologies to support education, teachers must be prepared to incorporate them into their teaching practices. These new technologies should be accompanied by innovative teaching and learning designs, as well as ways to communicate within and outside the organization. This support must go beyond the technical infusions and go beyond the first steps of learning. The educational benefits of digital technologies go beyond the implementation of new technology, however, and should be accompanied by a major organizational change within the school.

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The study will be able to contribute to the current picture of school transformation by conceptualizing digitalization as an evolution that takes place in smaller steps. This might not mean a complete transformation of a school, but it will help us understand the different levels of change and the various steps involved. In addition to assessing the impact of digital technologies, the findings will also contribute to the understanding of the various levels of learning and the various stages of digitalization

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