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Biker Clothing Essentials

For the purpose of riding, a motorcycle owner needs a comfortable outfit. This means the right pants and tops that won’t restrict movement. Usually, Biker clothing focuses on functionality rather than beauty. It uses durable materials and classic designs. The perfect outfit should be comfortable for the biker as well as match the attitude of the motorcycle. Here are some of the best pieces for your Biker wardrobe. Here’s what to look for!

The classic motorcycle jacket has a long history. First used by police officers, it has been adapted by bikers from the tanks and cowboy outfits. A duster coat was often too short, and often caught in the wheels. Wide-pegged breeches were used by motorcycle police in World War II. Irving Schott, a New York City-based biker, was credited with designing the classic American Perfecto jacket. Leather chaps were adapted from cowboy gear and became a staple of the American biker wardrobe.

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Other essentials include biker jackets and gloves. Leather bandanas are useful for a variety of uses, from protecting the neck from wind and dirt to acting as a plait for a broken alternator belt. Leather gloves protect the hands and prevent them from sliding off the handlebars as a result of excessive sweating. Fingerless gloves are also popular. Finally, eyewear is mandatory for bikers and must have reflective strips for safety.

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