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Making Money Is Not Difficult With Online Fish Shooting and Rewards New88

Today, I will introduce to you game products Shoot fish online and win prizes extremely attractive at Bookmaker New88 Through the following article, please follow along.

Shoot fish online at bookmaker New88

Bookmaker New88 is a reputable and famous bookmaker in Southeast Asia. New88 offers many extremely attractive betting games.
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When participating in experiencing the game products here, especially the fish shooting games, you will experience the most advanced technology of the house, extremely realistic creations, along with images, The sound makes fish hunters feel very realistic, which has helped the house’s fish shooting products have more players participating every day.

Fish shooting game product at bookmaker New88

With the fish shooting game, the house has cooperated with two major suppliers, specializing in extremely HOT fish shooting game products on the market: JiLi and Spadegaming. And has brought to the house dozens of different fish shooting games with extremely interesting themes, let’s take a look.

Fishing God

This fish shooting product is one of the games that most people participate in, with sharp and realistic graphics, there are many different fish beautifully shaped by the house, bringing you the most exciting moments. Very new experience when playing here.

In addition, with large fish, the reward you receive when hunting is also very large, and with special fish you can receive rewards up to several hundred times. You guys should not miss it.

Fishing War

When you participate in playing this fish shooting game product, it will certainly be difficult for you to leave this fish hunting game. Special features, every time you hunt large, valuable fish, the rewards are extremely high.

At the same time, the effects of this fish shooting game wall are very unique, along with very powerful hunting guns that help you easily hunt the most special fish here. You will experience fish hunting in the most powerful way when participating here.

Bombing Fishing

This is a new product that has just been introduced to fish hunters at bookmaker New88, so there are many events taking place during the hunting period. This time will be announced by the system as a standard, so please take advantage of it.

At the same time, some features such as prop cards will help you use some tools to hunt big fish. In addition, you can also receive ultimate hunting guns when you defeat special fish here.

Mega Fishing

With this fish shooting product, you can hunt many species of fish and receive different special functions, such as: Golden fish, giant sadistic fish, functional fish, Sea King, Monster. eternal things,…

The eternal monster is a Mega Octopus. When you hunt this octopus, the system will give you a mega spin. With this spin, you can spin prizes and receive prizes. Many attractive rewards from the house.

In addition, the house has many other fish shooting game products that are equally attractive, the bookmaker New88 is very dedicated in its product stages, with trial play functions, or new training instructions, or… Information support sections, etc. hope that those new to the fish shooting game here can easily learn before swimming into the sea to hunt big fish.

Hurry up and play with bookmaker New88 to hunt special fish and bring yourself a huge amount of prize money.
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Discounts on fish shooting products

Bookmaker New88 not only brings quality to each of its products, but also offers many different incentives and promotions for its members. Here are some incentives on fish shooting products, please refer to them.

  • Promotion for new members when registering an account, bonus value up to 8,400,000 VND.
  • Fish hunter rankings, members with the highest number of fish hunting points in a certain time will have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards.
  • New88 VIP day special bonus 50% to receive rewards up to 6,800,000 VND.
  • Make your first deposit of 500,000 VND and you will have a chance to win a lucky draw to receive a Mercedes A250 car.

And there are many other attractive promotions waiting for you at fish shooting products.

Instructions for participating in fish shooting at New88

To participate in all products of the fish shooting game, you just need to follow a few basic steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the website of bookmaker New88 at b8k.info
  • Step 2: Create an account for yourself to become a member of the bookmaker and have many opportunities to receive rewards from the bookmaker New88.
  • Step 3: Log in and deposit money into your account.
  • Step 4: In the lobby, select the “Fish shooting” section.
  • Step 4: The screen will display many different fish shooting products. Please choose a product of your choice and start hunting for big fish to receive many attractive rewards.

The secret to hunting fish online to get top rewards

To become a professional fish hunter and quickly earn big winning bets, you should keep in mind some useful fish shooting experiences every time you play the game.

  • Focusing on single targets, limiting bullet distribution to targets moving in groups will reduce fish hunting efficiency as well as waste money.
  • Make effective use of support tools in fish shooting games such as fish lures, electric traps, etc. to increase the productivity of catching fish.
  • Use bullets appropriately for different types of fish, this helps you avoid wasting small bullets on large fish that cannot be destroyed, or using too high bullets for small fish.
  • Align your personal finances to choose the right types of fish for your existing capital, do not use them indiscriminately, which is both wasteful and ineffective.
  • Depending on the type of fish shooting game you choose to play, come up with a smart fish hunting strategy, don’t play emotionally.
  • Absolutely do not just focus on targets that are too big, the bigger the fish, the bigger the bonus, the more difficult it is to destroy. Focus on goals that match your abilities. The principle is to be sure not to lose capital when playing games.


Above is the information about the New88 fish shooting game product, hopefully the article will help you in the process of finding a reputable fish hunting address.

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