How to Start a Collab on Instagram

The best way to start a Collab on Instagram is to find two people who have similar audiences to yours. Collaborating with someone who has a similar audience will make your collaboration run more smoothly. If your content is too different from your collaborator’s, your feed will look jarring. Most collaborations focus on short-form video content, as Instagram’s Reels for 2022 strategy prioritizes this type of content. Once you’ve found a collaborator, you can tag them in the post and they can immediately re-share the post on their profile.

Collab is the perfect app for creative types who like to experiment with video and audio. The app’s sophisticated video editing features make it ideal for experimenting with both genres. You can even save a Collab post to your camera roll and mix it with other content to make a new video. Besides being a great tool for experimenting with music, Collab is also a great platform for promoting your brand on social media.

Once you’ve selected a collaborator, follow their profile to see when they’ve responded to your post. You’ll also see their name in the post’s title, so make sure you watch for notification alerts. Only public accounts can collaborate on posts. If you’re not public, you can’t add collaborators after you’ve posted. Instead, you’ll need to create a new post, and then tag them during editing.

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